Lune de miel

Cezire Captation , an agency of Captation of events.

On the occasion of your honeymoon in France, Cezire Captation accompanies you with discretion to register magic moments.

Our team of professional photographers and cameraman will film you and you will photograph during your stay allowing you to have an unforgettable memory of this event.
With the images, we realize a personalized DVD including the movie of your wedding and some pictures taking by our team of professional photographers. You can choose that you wish to see appearing in the DVD.

We offer you quality services, made by professionals of the universe of the cinema and the broadcasting who shall move according to your desires as well in Paris as in Province. Eiffel Tower, the Sacred Heart, the Cathedral Notre-Dame, the Mont St-Michel or still Cannes, Saint Tropez. All these symbolic monuments, your places prefer and many others else of the French heritage will be the thorough image of your journey of wedding.
So that this event remains an unforgettable memory to see again(to revise) so much time that you want it, or you wish it, in couple, in family or between friends, appealed in Cezire Captation.